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Just Silver Apparel - 8% Fingerless Silver Gloves and 9% Short Silver Socks

Bundle - 8% Fingerless Silver Gloves and Black 9% Short Silver Socks

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The 8% Silver Gloves and 9% Silver Socks Bundle combines the 8% Silver Gloves and the 9% Silver Socks in a money-saving bundle. Providing improved heat retention, they are ideal for individuals with poor circulation, and both the gloves and the socks are constructed with materials that prevent the growth of bacteria for improved hygiene.

  • Unisex Design
  • Money Saving Value Bundle
  • Features anti-bacterial and anti-static materials
  • Special silver and seamless design to help keep limbs warmer
  • Beneficial for a range of diseases and ailments
  • Antimicrobial design for a fresh feel
  • Silver Thread for improved heat retention
  • Light stretch for comfort and fit
  • Machine Washable


8% Silver Fingerless Gloves

The 8% Fingerless Silver Gloves feature pure silver thread that helps to promote heat retention, perfect for people suffering with poor circulation. These gloves are suitable for sufferers of Raynaud's Disease, Scleroderma and Eczema and provide great warmth and comfort in cold weather and conditions.

9% Silver Socks

The 9% Silver Socks offer natural removal of foot odours and an improvement of the foot temperature by retaining more of your body's natural warmth. This reflection of body heat is perfect for people suffering from Raynaud's Disease (also commonly known as Raynaud's Syndrome or Raynaud's Phenomenon) as it can help prevent adverse reactions in your extremities.

The 9% Silver Socks have both excellent thermodynamic and antimicrobial properties for keeping the feet cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter while inhibiting the growth of nasty bacteria. They are ideal to help prevent many foot problems such as dry skin due to loss of hydration or thick/horny skin on top of being ideal for Raynaud's.