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Just Silver Apparel - Bamboo 9% Short Silver Socks - Slate Grey
Just Silver Apparel - Bamboo 9% Short Silver Socks - Slate Grey

9% Silver Bamboo Socks - Slate Grey

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9% Silver Bamboo Socks totally new product, super soft and smooth with that extra softness, made with viscose from Bamboo pulp they are skin friendly. Ideal for those suffering from Raynaud’s Disease as they are proven to keep your feet and toes warmer.

They will help with nerve pain, damage to the feet, toes and ulcers. These symptoms can affect all ages. Bamboo socks can help where the feet are constantly cold, or numbness, tingling and pain which can commonly affect both feet and toes and can be extremely serious.

Bamboo Socks will provide many medical benefits with natural healing to help to ease suffering and pain. They can also be used for any sport activity including Cycling, Golf, Walking, they will help prevent suffering from Athletes Foot, Bad Odour or Foot Perspiration. Socks that will perform 100% naturally with one of the world's oldest medical products being Silver helping to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria within one hour resulting in an instant reduction of foot odour, sweat and smelly shoes.

  • New 9% Silver Socks with viscose from Bamboo pulp
  • Soft to touch with smooth inner seams
  • Can help prevent fissures and dry skin
  • Ideal socks for helping with the pain of Raynaud's in your feet
  • 9% Silver Bamboo socks for softness, comfort and warmth
  • Silver thread provides anti-static, anti-microbial & anti-odour protection
  • Will  keep your feet warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Machine Washable