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Natural Silver Products

Safe and Natural

Inside our Silver Gloves you have 12% Silver next to your skin helping to keep your hands and fingers permanently clean of harmful bacteria helping to limit the spread of viruses including COVID-19.

12% Silver Gloves and 12% Silver Fingerless Gloves

The antimicrobial performance of silver has been validated by various prestigious institutions around the world. In addition to independent laboratory and field tests, silver has been the focus of numerous medical abstracts published over several years.

A synopsis of these studies has been included and it shows that silver provides unparalleled antibacterial performance. The studies have proven that when someone wears a silver thread product, the silver fibre is so effective that sweat actually becomes antimicrobial.

When you compare our pure silver thread products to other antimicrobial products there are several distinct advantages:

  • Speed: Silver textile thread eliminates 99.9% of bacteria in less than one hour of exposure. Most antimicrobial products tested over 48 hours did not reach this level of effectiveness. 
  • Catalyst: The warmer and wetter the environment the more effective silver becomes. This is perfect as most bacteria thrive in this type of environment.
  • Safe & Natural: Silver thread is made with pure silver, a naturally occurring element, there are no chemicals and no toxicity for the wearer. Silver is one of the safest and benign substances known.
  • Embedded: The pure silver thread used in the gloves is permanent and is not just a surface treatment. Silver is irreversibly bound to a polymer so it becomes a psychical part of the gloves.
  • Continued performance: The silver in the gloves and it's performance does not diminish over time. Silver thread has been rigorously tested for more than 250 washes with virtually no reduction in antibacterial performance.
  • Bacteria reduction: The silver on the inside of the silver gloves allows for immediate binding with ammonia and denatured proteins, this results in almost instant antibacterial reduction from wearing.