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Just Silver Apparel - Bundle - Deluxe 12% Silver Gloves & Face Mask & Beanie - Grey/Black/Blue
Just Silver Apparel - Bundle - Deluxe 12% Silver Gloves - Grey/Black/Blue
Just Silver Apparel - Bundle - Deluxe 10% Silver Face Mask - Grey/Black/Blue
Just Silver Apparel - Bundle - Deluxe 12% Silver Beanie Hat - Grey/Black/Blue

Bundle - Deluxe 12% Silver Gloves, Silver Face Mask & Silver Beanie Hat

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Please contact us directly if you work for any of the designated UK government key services and would like to order in bulk, or if you work for the NHS get in touch for our discounted prices.

The Deluxe 10% Silver Face Mask has been specifically designed to help limit the spread of infectious diseases. The silver fibre contained in the mask helps with skin ailments and helps to prevent scarring or marks due to continued wear. On the inside of the mask is 10% pure silver fibre which has proven performance with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Learn more about silver fibre.

The Deluxe 12% Silver Gloves are perfect if you suffer from Raynaud's Disease or Raynaud's Syndrome, Scleroderma, diabetes, infections, nerve damage, finger ulcers, autoimmune disorders, or if you are having chemotherapy treatment. They are also great for people who are generally more sensitive to the cold and people who suffer from poor circulation. 12% Silver Gloves are supplied in pairs and are suitable for use as ladies’ or gentleman’s gloves.

 The Deluxe 12% Silver Beanie product will help keep your skin clean from infections and help dissipate any static charges, silver provides 95% (FIR) reflectivity with inner energy and will maintain a natural warm temperature for the life of the product. Will help to invigorate and improve the warmth of your skin.

  • Gloves available in Black, Blue or Grey
  • Unisex Design
  • Deluxe Silver Gloves designed for people with poor circulation
  • Features anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-static materials.
  • Mask has distinct performance advantage over traditional medical or fabric masks.
  • Mask helps to reduce facial scarring with continue use.
  • Mask is water resistant
  • Antimicrobial for enhanced performance.
  • Light stretch for comfort and fit
  • Fully Machine Washable


Due to the nature of the face mask product no returns will be accepted, this does not affect your return rights with the gloves or beanie hat. Please see our Returns Policy for further details.

Customer Reviews

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What's my ideal glove size?

Measure your hand width across the knuckles and use the below table for your best fit, this applies to all our gloves and mittens: 

 Hand Width

Recommended Size

Up to 8cm

Extra Small

Up to 9cm

Small / Medium

Up to 10cm

Large / Extra Large


 Please note that our gloves have lots of stretch in all directions.


What's my perfect sock size?

Your sock size can easily be chosen using your regular your shoe size. Please see the below table:

Approx Insole Length




21 - 23 cm

2 - 4

36 - 38

3 - 5

24 - 25.5 cm

5 - 6.5

39 - 40

6 - 7.5

26 - 28 cm

7 - 9

41 - 43

8 - 10

29 - 30 cm

10 - 11

44 - 45

11 - 12

31 - 33 cm

12 - 14

46 - 48

13 - 15


If you are not sure which size would be best for your needs or you are between sizes we usually recommend choosing the larger size.